‘The Masked Singer’ Debuts – And it’s Awesome

Gimmicks can go terribly wrong, but in the case of The Masked Singer and its mysterious head games (pun intended), FOX got it right. The fun format features celebrity performers in an elaborate costume, and it’s up to the judges (Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke and Ken Jeung) to guess their identity. Billed as “TV’s wildest singing show,” it’s a fun twist on a tired, competitive format that has over-saturated the market. And the best part? The guesses are all over Twitter, including a hilarious tweet from T-Pain who many think is last night’s “monster.” See below, along with videos from the show.

Nicole Scherzinger Drops ‘Cats’ for ‘X Factor’

cats broadway

There’s no denying Nicole Scherzinger’s beauty and talent, so it absolutely confounds me that she’s been unable to find her career-defining role. I can only assume the issue is poor management, as she’s been more obsessed with talent shows than actually making art on her own. So when Andrew Lloyd Webber revealed that she opted out of Cats on Broadway to take a spot on X Factor, I was not surprised. Nicole shrewdly treated the controversy with a casual yet respectful response, saying, “I had every intention of doing Cats on Broadway but the contract was never finalized. I am incredibly blessed to be given so many amazing opportunities, including Cats, but unfortunately we weren’t able to make it work this time around.” Translation? X Factor made me a better offer just in time. But is it a better offer? How many shows can the former Pussycat Doll play judge before she produces something that justifies her throne? This was a huge mistake, and if she were actually interested in art rather than a paycheck and prowess, she’d have chosen Cats.

Tabloid Treats — Weekend-in-Brief




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Quote of the Day — Simon Cowell Calls Nicole Scherzinger “Ditzy”

“She’s like Jessica Rabbit. Unfortunately we’ve put Daffy Duck’s brain in. But I love Daffy Duck. She’s ditzy and she’s adorable. She’s gonna kill me for the Daffy Duck.” Simon Cowell, on Nicole Scherzinger’s beauty and “intelligence.”


Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger, & Steve Jones Fired from X Factor — Gasp!

Well, folks — it’s the time of year when The Dishmaster says, “I told you so.” According to reports, Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger, & Steve Jones have all been fired from X Factor (or as Hollywood puts it — their options were not picked up). Though I love to pat myself on my back, this prediction was an easy one. Jones received criticism for months and Scherzinger was not only a terrible host, but she also caused outrage for eliminating Rachel Crow. Also, Simon took a legitimate swipe at her on the air, which proved true the rumors of animosity. As for Paula Abdul, I’m sad to see her go, but it had to happen. Choosing her made the panel look like a poor man’s American Idol.

Will Nicole Scherzinger & Steve Jones Leave X Factor? — Fired?

Most television shows go through major changes after season one, and I predict that X Factor will be no exception. When recently asked about her return, Scherzinger prepped for the potential public relations cleanup, saying it’s more difficult than she expected to publicly reject people. Translation? — She fears she’ll get fired and she’s planting the seeds to make people think she quit. As for Steve Jones, he will likely get the boot as well, given the enormous amount of negative criticism he’s received. Apparently, Jones was only hired as a last minute replacement for Corbin Bleu, because Scherzinger refused to work with him, and the network therefore had to scramble for a new co-host. They chose Jones because of his chemistry with Scherzinger, but when Scherzinger replaced Cheryl Cole as a judge, the reason for Jones’ hiring became moot. The truth is, neither Scherzinger nor Jones will know about their status with the show until “pick-up letters” are sent out for the new season. If no such letter arrives, then they get the axe. Until then, only the network executives know the plan. I suggest firing Scherzinger and Jones, leaving the judging panel at three, and then hiring Brian Dunkleman as the new co-host (okay, that last part is a joke . . . sort of).

Nicole Scherzinger Sings “Pretty” on X Factor — Simon Cowell Gives Hilarious Critique

Some people just don’t have the X Factor, and Nicole Scherzinger is one of them. This perception could quite possibly be fixed with better management, considering she comes off as an ice princess with no personality. And on top of that, she’s not putting out good music. She sang “Pretty” on X Factor, and the lyrics made me physically uncomfortable. Did I mention her strange singing faces? The best part of the song was the end, when Simon Cowell critiqued her performance the way she critiques the contestants, which I can only hope will shed some light on why she should not return to next year’s judging panel.

Rachel Crow Collapses on X Factor — Children Should Not Compete!

Rachel Crow’s emotional breakdown on X Factor proves why children do not belong performing on television competition shows. She’s certainly a superb singer who far exceeded her fellow contestants. That being said, she is not emotionally equipped to handle a nationally televised rejection. She cried hysterically and fell to the floor while asking for her mother. Simon Cowell attempted a rescue, which I surmise entailed his verbal assurance that she will get a record deal despite losing the prize. But this show crossed a moral line, and I can only hope that Rachel’s painful reaction will serve to increase next year’s age limitation. I’ve posted the elimination video below, along with her incredible final performance where she sang for her life. And one more thing before I go — Nicole Scherzinger needs to be fired. Watch the video after the jump.
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Dear ‘X Factor’ Judges — Stop Crying!

For those that know The Dishmaster, you’re aware that emotion makes me uncomfortable. So you can imagine my discomfort to discover that all the judges on ‘X Factor’ are crying hysterically after every performance. Do they lack any semblance of internal control? It’s awkward and unnecessary, and in the case of Nicole Scherzinger — it looks fake. Isn’t this technically a place of work? Are they really that moved? Am I just a heartless prick? Watch Leroy Bell sing ‘Angel’ below, and then wait until the end to see Scherzinger’s curious, unmovable face.

Quote of the Day — ‘X Factor’s’ Stacy Francis

“I respect Nicole and I love her but I think that as a creative executive — Simon, that’s the lane that he’s in, you know?  So that’s when I think I crashed and burned — those last two weeks when I didn’t have his help.  And unfortunately, I wasn’t in his category.  So unfortunately, I had to bite the bullet.” ‘X Factor’s’ Stacy Francis on whether Nicole Scherzinger’s poor song-choices resulted in her elimination from the competition and whether she would have rather had Simon Cowell as her mentor.