Paula Abdul Talks ‘X Factor’ Firing — Handles it With Class

To be fair, Paula Abdul was not technically “fired” from X Factor. Her option was not renewed, which in Hollywood is a fancy way of saying that the network doesn’t want someone’s services for the following year. To be “fired,” you’d probably have to bad-mouth a producer (see Charlie Sheen). But the sad fact remains the same — Paula Abdul, whom I love, won’t be returning. And to prove why my love for her is valid, here’s what she said about her departure:

Yes, it’s true; I won’t be returning to The X Factor next season. I’ve learned through my longevity in this industry that business decisions often times override personal considerations. Simon and I, along with Fox and Fremantle, have been communicating about this for a while now, and I have absolute understanding of the situation.

Simon is, and will remain a dear friend of mine and I’ve treasured my experience working this past season with my extended family at Fox and Fremantle. I want nothing more than for The X Factor to exceed ALL of their wildest dreams. This truly has been a blessing and I am most grateful.

Goodbye for now, Paula. It’s the end of the Simon/Paula era and it’s mighty sad. But I’m certain she’ll be fine.

Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger, & Steve Jones Fired from X Factor — Gasp!

Well, folks — it’s the time of year when The Dishmaster says, “I told you so.” According to reports, Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger, & Steve Jones have all been fired from X Factor (or as Hollywood puts it — their options were not picked up). Though I love to pat myself on my back, this prediction was an easy one. Jones received criticism for months and Scherzinger was not only a terrible host, but she also caused outrage for eliminating Rachel Crow. Also, Simon took a legitimate swipe at her on the air, which proved true the rumors of animosity. As for Paula Abdul, I’m sad to see her go, but it had to happen. Choosing her made the panel look like a poor man’s American Idol.

Mariah Carey on HSN — Strange Behavior

Perhaps Mariah Carey should have waited a little longer for her first television appearance since the birth of her twins. I’m not sure what’s wrong with her, and I don’t know when Mariah changed from being extremely down to earth to saying the word “dahhhh—-ling” with every sentence. I hate to compare her to Paula Abdul, but the HSN segments are awfully similar. Either it’s difficult to fill time in a coherent way while selling a product, or there’s something strange going on. To remind you of the days when Mariah Carey was extremely likable and normal, I’ve posted a vintage interview with her in addition to her HSN appearance.

Paula Abdul to Judge ‘The X Factor’ — Simon Cowell is a Genius!

Simon Cowell isn’t just a genius because he can spot talent in the industry, he’s a genius because he can spot talent for his own show too. When Paula Abdul left ‘American Idol,’ Simon Cowell mentally checked out of the show. He knew it was downhill from there, and he therefore gracefully finished out his contract before departing. He also knew that he was sitting on a gold mine. He knew that if he could trounce ‘Pop Idol’ in England with ‘The X Factor,’ he could do the same to ‘American Idol.’ He has a personal investment in killing those shows because he owns ‘The X Factor,’ which means the show’s success puts a lot more money in his pocket. When the stakes are that high, the man better be careful about who he chooses for the show. According to Deadline, he’s chosen Paula Abdul. It’s not official in the press yet because, even though Abdul’s deal is “closed,” she has yet to sign on the dotted line. At this stage in the contract negotiation, it’s fair to say we’ll be seeing her on the show. Despite the media criticism about Paula Abdul, she was an essential component of ‘American Idol’s’ success, and she had great chemistry with Simon Cowell. I therefore give him major props for the choice.


Jessica Simpson on Simon Cowell’s X-Factor? I Vote Yes!

There’s something very sad about this season’s American Idol — and I’m not referring to the loss of Simon Cowell (though that pains me as well).  It’s the loss of Paula Abdul.  There needs to be a beautiful, somewhat ditzy woman on the panel, who makes you tune in to see what crazy things she’ll say.  Since re-casting Paula Abdul would likely damage the new brand that X-Factor is trying to present, it only makes sense to cast someone similar.  Jessica Simpson is perfect!  Like Paula, Jessica Simpson has had a huge career, most notably with her fashion empire.  And also like Paula, Jessica has trouble expressing her point, and often comes off ridiculous in interviews.  She’s certainly more together than the often slurring Abdul, but I predict that Simpson’s interplay with Simon Cowell would be television magic.  Plus, I have a special attraction to woman with gigantic boobs and I’d like to see her outfits every week.  After all, I’m a Kinsey 2.

Paula Abdul Signs Reality Deal for CBS’s ‘Got to Dance’

Was I too quick to judge Abdul’s new management team?  Vulture confirms that Paula Abdul signed a deal to be a lead judge and executive producer on CBS’s new dancing show, ‘Got to Dance,’ which is said to be a hybrid of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and ‘America’s Got Talent.’  Abdul has turned down many opportunities since leaving ‘American Idol,’ and it now appears that she was just waiting for the best deal.  Being that she is both a judge and an executive producer, that means she makes double the dough.  Good for her!  I am sad that she likely won’t be joining Simon Cowell on ‘X-Factor, but least she’ll be returning to her dancing roots.  She’s sure come a long way since choreographing for Janet Jackson.

Paula Abdul v. ‘X-Factor’ – "Show Me The Money"

Just how many deals can Paula Abdul’s management team mess up?  Sources report that Abdul’s “diva demands” are holding up her contract negotiations on ‘X-Factor.’ Since Abdul changed management, she left ‘American Idol,’ her ‘Star Search’ negotiations fell through, she “turned down” the opportunity to co-host ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ and she rejected a judging gig on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ because they didn’t have “Idol money.” It’s time for Simon Cowell to have a sit down with Paula Abdul.

Paula Abdul not Joining Broadway’s ‘In the Heights’

I spoke to soon.  The good news is, I can continue bashing Abdul’s new management team.  A representative for the Broadway Production ‘In the Heights,’ has said that the rumors about Abdul taking on the role of Priscilla Lopez aren’t true.  I’m not sure why there are so many announcements about Abdul’s career choices that prove to be false.  So far she has been rumored to be a judge on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and ‘X Factor,’ a host of a resurrected ‘Star Search,’ and then a cast member for ‘In the Heights.’  I’m don’t know what is going on with her, or when any of the rumors surrounding her next career step will prove to be true.  I do love Paula though, and I’m still holding out for her to sit next to Simon on ‘X Factor.’

Paula Abdul Will Star in Broadway Show ‘In the Heights’

I take back what I said about Abdul’s management team.  It seems she finally made a good decision since leaving ‘American Idol.’  Radar Online reports that she will be starring in the hit Broadway show, ‘In the Heights,’ as Priscilla Lopez.    The show’s story revolves around the lives of Dominican Americans that live in the Washington Heights area of New York City.  It won the Tony for Best Musical in 2008, and a Grammy for Best Musical Show Album that same year.  See a performance from the show below.

Nygel Lythgoe is Upset with Paula Abdul

Nygel Lythgoe has finally explained why Paula Abdul never made an appearance on ‘So You Think You Can Dance.’  After her ‘American Idol’ negotiations fell through, Nigel tried to get her for SYTYCD.  Regarding his efforts Nigel said, “I spent an entire season wooing her and if she was ever going to do it, she would have. The timing was perfect for her.  I was rather shocked she didn’t pick up and join us at any point. I mean, Katie Holmes was there, Jennifer Lopez was there. I know we don’t have Idol money and so does Paula, but at the end of the day I do plenty of things for no money because I want to support dance.  And as an dancer/performer/choreographer, I would have thought she’d like to support us.”  It sounds like Abdul needs to sack her new manager.  She hired David Sonenberg as a manager early last year right around the time she made all of these erratic career choices.  First she loses her ‘American Idol’ gig, then she turns down SYTYCD, and her recent ‘Star Search‘ negotiations fell through.  It’s time to get a new team Paula.