Paula Abdul Talks ‘X Factor’ Firing — Handles it With Class

To be fair, Paula Abdul was not technically “fired” from X Factor. Her option was not renewed, which in Hollywood is a fancy way of saying that the network doesn’t want someone’s services for the following year. To be “fired,” you’d probably have to bad-mouth a producer (see Charlie Sheen). But the sad fact remains the same — Paula Abdul, whom I love, won’t be returning. And to prove why my love for her is valid, here’s what she said about her departure:

Yes, it’s true; I won’t be returning to The X Factor next season. I’ve learned through my longevity in this industry that business decisions often times override personal considerations. Simon and I, along with Fox and Fremantle, have been communicating about this for a while now, and I have absolute understanding of the situation.

Simon is, and will remain a dear friend of mine and I’ve treasured my experience working this past season with my extended family at Fox and Fremantle. I want nothing more than for The X Factor to exceed ALL of their wildest dreams. This truly has been a blessing and I am most grateful.

Goodbye for now, Paula. It’s the end of the Simon/Paula era and it’s mighty sad. But I’m certain she’ll be fine.

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