Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger, & Steve Jones Fired from X Factor — Gasp!

Well, folks — it’s the time of year when The Dishmaster says, “I told you so.” According to reports, Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger, & Steve Jones have all been fired from X Factor (or as Hollywood puts it — their options were not picked up). Though I love to pat myself on my back, this prediction was an easy one. Jones received criticism for months and Scherzinger was not only a terrible host, but she also caused outrage for eliminating Rachel Crow. Also, Simon took a legitimate swipe at her on the air, which proved true the rumors of animosity. As for Paula Abdul, I’m sad to see her go, but it had to happen. Choosing her made the panel look like a poor man’s American Idol.

Rachel Crow Collapses on X Factor — Children Should Not Compete!

Rachel Crow’s emotional breakdown on X Factor proves why children do not belong performing on television competition shows. She’s certainly a superb singer who far exceeded her fellow contestants. That being said, she is not emotionally equipped to handle a nationally televised rejection. She cried hysterically and fell to the floor while asking for her mother. Simon Cowell attempted a rescue, which I surmise entailed his verbal assurance that she will get a record deal despite losing the prize. But this show crossed a moral line, and I can only hope that Rachel’s painful reaction will serve to increase next year’s age limitation. I’ve posted the elimination video below, along with her incredible final performance where she sang for her life. And one more thing before I go — Nicole Scherzinger needs to be fired. Watch the video after the jump.
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Rachel Crow Sings ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’ on ‘X Factor’ — Kills It

The chances of a Simon Cowell protege winning ‘X Factor’ just got a little bigger, with Rachel Crow’s incredible performance of the Etta James song, ‘I’d Rather Go Blind.’ I have to admit my shock, given that I completely dismissed Crow at the beginning of the competition. Cowell clearly edited her into a superstar. And as an aside — Nicole Scherzinger is extremely annoying.