Will Nicole Scherzinger & Steve Jones Leave X Factor? — Fired?

Most television shows go through major changes after season one, and I predict that X Factor will be no exception. When recently asked about her return, Scherzinger prepped for the potential public relations cleanup, saying it’s more difficult than she expected to publicly reject people. Translation? — She fears she’ll get fired and she’s planting the seeds to make people think she quit. As for Steve Jones, he will likely get the boot as well, given the enormous amount of negative criticism he’s received. Apparently, Jones was only hired as a last minute replacement for Corbin Bleu, because Scherzinger refused to work with him, and the network therefore had to scramble for a new co-host. They chose Jones because of his chemistry with Scherzinger, but when Scherzinger replaced Cheryl Cole as a judge, the reason for Jones’ hiring became moot. The truth is, neither Scherzinger nor Jones will know about their status with the show until “pick-up letters” are sent out for the new season. If no such letter arrives, then they get the axe. Until then, only the network executives know the plan. I suggest firing Scherzinger and Jones, leaving the judging panel at three, and then hiring Brian Dunkleman as the new co-host (okay, that last part is a joke . . . sort of).