Nicole Scherzinger Drops ‘Cats’ for ‘X Factor’

cats broadway

There’s no denying Nicole Scherzinger’s beauty and talent, so it absolutely confounds me that she’s been unable to find her career-defining role. I can only assume the issue is poor management, as she’s been more obsessed with talent shows than actually making art on her own. So when Andrew Lloyd Webber revealed that she opted out of Cats on Broadway to take a spot on X Factor, I was not surprised. Nicole shrewdly treated the controversy with a casual yet respectful response, saying, “I had every intention of doing Cats on Broadway but the contract was never finalized. I am incredibly blessed to be given so many amazing opportunities, including Cats, but unfortunately we weren’t able to make it work this time around.” Translation? X Factor made me a better offer just in time. But is it a better offer? How many shows can the former Pussycat Doll play judge before she produces something that justifies her throne? This was a huge mistake, and if she were actually interested in art rather than a paycheck and prowess, she’d have chosen Cats.

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