‘Kick-Ass’ Isn’t Very Happy With Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert gave ‘Kick-Ass’ one star, and called it “morally reprehensible.”  He mostly had a problem with the gratuitous violence of an 11 year old girl, which led to many cracks about Ebert being an old fogey.  In fact, ‘Kick-Ass’ actor Chris Mintz-Plasse, tweeted to Ebert directly, saying “it just isn’t your kind of flick sir.”  In response to the age criticism, Ebert used twitter to say in 16 words what would take most people 500.  He said – “Them: I was too old to get it. Me: My problem was that I got it.”  See the trailer below. 

Update: Kick-Ass tanked at the box office on Friday.  It made $7.5 million and is estimated to cap at $19 million.  That’s way lower than the studio hoped.  Roger Ebert reigns supreme.

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