William Morris Endeavor Fires 4 People over Leaked Email

Nikki Finke of ‘Deadline Hollywood’ is my personal hero.  You can read the full story on her site, but here’s the rundown: an individual named Marcus Washington was working for WME as a “floater.”  He felt that everyone around him curtailed his ability to move up the ladder and, according to Finke (who quotes an inside source from the agency), the fact that Washington is a black man didn’t help his chances.  Before Washington left, he sent out a mass, angry email that was immediately deleted from everyone’s computers.  The damage was done though.  The email was somehow leaked to Finke, who posted it on her site, which led to 4 firings over at WME.  Finke insists that none of the individuals fired leaked the email.  In case you’re not aware from watching ‘Entourage,’ Hollywood agents are known for being the most disgusting bloodsuckers alive.  Hence, any effort by Finke to expose them, makes me very happy.  Ari Emanuel is on the left in the picture below.  He’s the CEO of WME, and the man responsible for the firings.  He’s also the guy that Jeremy Piven’s character is based on in ‘Entourage.’     

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