Mtv Isn’t Involved in the ‘Jersey Shore’ Spinoffs

Mtv released a statement explaining that they have nothing to do with the ‘Jersey Shore’ spin-offs.  The original advertisement said “from the people that brought you ‘Jersey Shore,'” which accounts for the confusion.  To clarify, the spin-offs are from the same production company, but it will air on a different network.  Summary?  It has nothing to do with Mtv.  In case you missed the advertisements, you can see them below.  The shows are tentatively titled “Persian Version” and “Wicked Summer.”  Gosh, I can’t wait.

“If you are at least 21 years old, appear younger than 30, and are outrageous, outspoken and a proud Persian-American, then Doron Ofir Casting and 495 Productions are looking for you!” 

“Seeking Massachusetts residents who believe in God, family, the Red Sox and partying! 

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