Sandra Bullock & the Razzie – Does this Stupid Story Ever End?

Sandra Bullock was asked to the return her Razzie, because she accidentally took home the original trophy instead of the replica.  If she did in fact go home with the original, why not just contact her people and tell them directly?  Could it be because John Wilson (the ceremony’s co-founder) hopes to bring a little press to the Razzie awards?  It certainly helps that Sandra Bullock is at the center of a tabloid scandal.  Must you capitalize on her misfortune by publicizing an issue that could have been resolved privately?   Bullock’s publicist confirmed my suspicion, when she said “We were never contacted by them to return the Razzie. I contacted them yesterday to check the validity of the story and was only told then that we had been given the wrong award. We will be returning the Razzie to them shortly.”  Really classy, guys.   

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