‘Sherlock Holmes’ Sequel Could be Shot in 3D – I’m Devastated

This news shattered me. Until now, the 3-D craze hasn’t completely affected me. I had no interest in seeing ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ and ‘Clash of the Titans’ isn’t exactly my genre. But ‘Sherlock Holmes’ is one of my favorite films. I even bought the book after the movie and vigorously read it while picturing Robert Downey Jr. solving every crime.  I did not; however, picture Robert Downey Jr. popping out from the movie screen to give me the world’s worst headache.  3-D is a horrific money grubbing medium that makes my eyes bleed.  At least Christopher Nolan, the director of ‘Batman Begins’ agrees with me.  He’s already said that he won’t shoot the next ‘Batman’ in 3-D despite pressure from the studio.  Hooray for Christopher! 

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