Titanic To Be Re-Released in 3D — Will Leonardo Fit on the Board Now?

I’m not sure I need to explain again how I think 3D is an absolute abomination. And post-production 3D is even worse. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s basically when filmmakers are too lazy or inexperienced to use the heavy-duty 3D cameras, so they instead film everything the way they know how, and then once the film is complete, they convert it to 3D. Translation? — It looks even worse (if that’s possible). And just to drive the knife deeper into my heart, Titanic will now be re-released in 3D to commemorate its 100 year anniversary. I’m sure James Cameron is crying in the fetal position upon hearing the news. Though Cameron started this 3D debacle, he took years to develop the proper cameras to shoot Avatar. Since Avatar, oodles of studio executives are feebly attempting to duplicate his success, because studio executives are greedy monsters with no artistic integrity. I’d like to close this post with one last inquiry/complaint. Will the size of that board that Leonardo DiCaprio failed to utilize at the end of Titanic look even larger in 3D? It still infuriates me that he couldn’t share it with Kate. Seriously — that board was super big. Couldn’t they spoon on it or something?

Christopher Nolan Confirms ‘Batman 3’ Won’t Be in 3D — The Best Director in Hollywood?

Christopher Nolan is officially my favorite director in Hollywood.  He confirmed that he will not shoot the next Batman film in 3D, despite the major Hollywood pressure to do so.  Why?  Because 3D sucks, and it takes a brave director to stand up to the movie studio’s insatiable desire for cash.  The quality of a film is always sacrificed with 3D, but higher ticket prices mean more money for the studio, and if the only option is to see Batman in 3D, then people will pay for the ticket and get the shittier product.  Congratulatons, Chris — you might be the only good one left.

‘Sherlock Holmes’ Sequel Could be Shot in 3D – I’m Devastated

This news shattered me. Until now, the 3-D craze hasn’t completely affected me. I had no interest in seeing ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ and ‘Clash of the Titans’ isn’t exactly my genre. But ‘Sherlock Holmes’ is one of my favorite films. I even bought the book after the movie and vigorously read it while picturing Robert Downey Jr. solving every crime.  I did not; however, picture Robert Downey Jr. popping out from the movie screen to give me the world’s worst headache.  3-D is a horrific money grubbing medium that makes my eyes bleed.  At least Christopher Nolan, the director of ‘Batman Begins’ agrees with me.  He’s already said that he won’t shoot the next ‘Batman’ in 3-D despite pressure from the studio.  Hooray for Christopher! 

Jeffrey Katzenberg Bashes ‘Clash of the Titans’

It’s already been reported that Katzenberg was pissed off that Warner Bros. released ‘Clash of the Titans’ one week after Dreamworks released ‘How to Train Your Dragon.’  The primary reason for his anger was that ‘Titans’ would take up valuable revenue from ‘How to Train Your Dragon,’ because there are only so many 3D theaters to go around.  He was also pissed that ‘Titans’ was converted to 3D in a last minute attempt to make more money after ‘Avatar’ became a hit.  In a recent interview he said,

We’ve seen the highest end of [3-D] in “Avatar” and you have now witnessed the lowest end of it [in “Titans”]. You cannot do anything that is of a lower grade and a lower quality than what has just been done on “Clash of the Titans.” It literally is “OK, congratulations! You just snookered the movie audience.” The act of doing it was disingenuous. We may get away with it a few times but in the long run, [moviegoers] will wake up. And the day they wake up is the day they walk away from us and we blew it.

 Well there you have it.  Personally, I hate all of it.  Whether it is shot in 3D or converted in post-production, it all makes my eyes hurt so I really don’t care.