Michael Keaton Talks Birdman and Batman

While the interview below is an interesting look inside Michael Keaton’s comeback in ‘Birdman,’ it’s also one of the first on-the-record answers about why Keaton turned down the third installment of his most celebrated film. When asked why he rejected Batman 3, Keaton simply said, “It sucked.” There were rumors about Keaton’s stance on the stinky film, but no official confirmation. As for why it actually sucked, It likely had to do with the absence of Tim Burton, Keaton’s legendary teammate. Watch below.

Ben Affleck is Batman — My Wings Just Broke

Just when I thought it was safe to go back in the water, Ben Affleck bit a chunk out of his re-branded career. In case you missed it, he’ll star alongside Henry Cavill as the new Batman, in a Batman v. Superman showdown. The internet became instantly aghast at the revelation, with many referencing his Daredevil flop as evidence that he’s far from an action hero. If you’re asking for inside knowledge behind this decision, you need not look far. Affleck has a long-standing relationship with Warner Bros., who chose him for the role.

When I heard the news, I was both shocked and saddened. For someone who spent what seems like an eternity rebuilding his image after a series of horrible career (see Gigli, Daredevil, and Paycheck, and Jersey Girl) and personal life choices (see JLO), it astounds me that he’d accept this offer. He doesn’t need the money, and it resurrects a memory he worked hard to erase after incredible success as a director (see Town and Argo). It’s not only terrible timing, it feels as if he’s sold-out once again. Did his itch for leading-man status overwhelm his clarity? Did he get the wrong advice? Sure Christian Bale did it, and Christian Bale is a respected actor. But Christian Bale came from a relatively unknown place when he began that role, and he hadn’t had a series of flops in that genre. I wish Ben Affleck the very best. He’ll need it.

What Happened to the Smart Superheroes? — Is ‘Good Will Hunting’ the End?

I watched Good Will Hunting for the fiftieth time last night, and something occurred to me. Matt Damon’s character was an intellectual superhero. He didn’t have a batsuit, and he certainly couldn’t stop a train with his bare hands. His likability was based solely on smarts. There’s a scene in a bar where Ben Affleck hits on a girl, and a Harvard graduate makes him feel stupid. Damon comes to the rescue on his best friend’s behalf, but instead of punching the guy in the face in a well-choreographed fist-fight, he intellectually belittles him, and says “you dropped a hundred and fifty grand on a fuckin’ education you coulda’ got for a dollar fifty in late charges at the Public Library.” So here’s my question — would you rather date Will Hunting or Spiderman, and have there been any intelligent superheros since? If you take that rubber suit off, do you think Batman even knows how to multiply?

Christopher Nolan Confirms ‘Batman 3’ Won’t Be in 3D — The Best Director in Hollywood?

Christopher Nolan is officially my favorite director in Hollywood.  He confirmed that he will not shoot the next Batman film in 3D, despite the major Hollywood pressure to do so.  Why?  Because 3D sucks, and it takes a brave director to stand up to the movie studio’s insatiable desire for cash.  The quality of a film is always sacrificed with 3D, but higher ticket prices mean more money for the studio, and if the only option is to see Batman in 3D, then people will pay for the ticket and get the shittier product.  Congratulatons, Chris — you might be the only good one left.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt May Play the Riddler in ‘Batman’ – On His Way to Super Stardom

Christopher Nolan is reportedly strongly eyeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play the Riddler in the next ‘Batman’ film.  With this news, I am going to engage in some good old-fashioned tooting of my own horn. Since seeing the film ‘Brick,’ I’ve been telling everyone that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the next Brad Pitt. Many of my friends scoff at this comparison, but  the attention he garnered from ‘500 Days of Summer’ convinced me that this isn’t so far fetched after all. He is not the “character” actor that many have suggested, and getting the role in ‘Batman’ will solidify his box-office star status. When it turns out that I am right about this, brace yourself because I will surely remind you daily.