Ben Affleck is Batman — My Wings Just Broke

Just when I thought it was safe to go back in the water, Ben Affleck bit a chunk out of his re-branded career. In case you missed it, he’ll star alongside Henry Cavill as the new Batman, in a Batman v. Superman showdown. The internet became instantly aghast at the revelation, with many referencing his Daredevil flop as evidence that he’s far from an action hero. If you’re asking for inside knowledge behind this decision, you need not look far. Affleck has a long-standing relationship with Warner Bros., who chose him for the role.

When I heard the news, I was both shocked and saddened. For someone who spent what seems like an eternity rebuilding his image after a series of horrible career (see Gigli, Daredevil, and Paycheck, and Jersey Girl) and personal life choices (see JLO), it astounds me that he’d accept this offer. He doesn’t need the money, and it resurrects a memory he worked hard to erase after incredible success as a director (see Town and Argo). It’s not only terrible timing, it feels as if he’s sold-out once again. Did his itch for leading-man status overwhelm his clarity? Did he get the wrong advice? Sure Christian Bale did it, and Christian Bale is a respected actor. But Christian Bale came from a relatively unknown place when he began that role, and he hadn’t had a series of flops in that genre. I wish Ben Affleck the very best. He’ll need it.