Joseph Gordon-Levitt v. GQ — Who’s Right? — The Dishmaster Decides

Interviews with actors often run long, in hopes that journalists will get enough material to pick-and-choose what works best with their article. Though actors might think certain disclosures are the most interesting, they are often times incorrect. In the case of Joseph Gordon Levitt, it’s a tough call. Levitt objected to GQ Magazine’s coverage of his brother during their interview, specifically that GQ talked more about how his brother died than how he lived, and mistakenly said his death was related to drugs. I re-read the content in question, and I think Levitt’s sensitivity about the subject skewed his judgment. GQ barely addressed the subject, which is likely because after Levitt’s instruction they were probably paranoid about mentioning him at all. Furthermore, they referred to the drug overdose as “alleged,” and they mentioned his name in a positive context.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt May Play the Riddler in ‘Batman’ – On His Way to Super Stardom

Christopher Nolan is reportedly strongly eyeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play the Riddler in the next ‘Batman’ film.  With this news, I am going to engage in some good old-fashioned tooting of my own horn. Since seeing the film ‘Brick,’ I’ve been telling everyone that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the next Brad Pitt. Many of my friends scoff at this comparison, but  the attention he garnered from ‘500 Days of Summer’ convinced me that this isn’t so far fetched after all. He is not the “character” actor that many have suggested, and getting the role in ‘Batman’ will solidify his box-office star status. When it turns out that I am right about this, brace yourself because I will surely remind you daily.