Christopher Nolan Confirms ‘Batman 3’ Won’t Be in 3D — The Best Director in Hollywood?

Christopher Nolan is officially my favorite director in Hollywood.  He confirmed that he will not shoot the next Batman film in 3D, despite the major Hollywood pressure to do so.  Why?  Because 3D sucks, and it takes a brave director to stand up to the movie studio’s insatiable desire for cash.  The quality of a film is always sacrificed with 3D, but higher ticket prices mean more money for the studio, and if the only option is to see Batman in 3D, then people will pay for the ticket and get the shittier product.  Congratulatons, Chris — you might be the only good one left.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt May Play the Riddler in ‘Batman’ – On His Way to Super Stardom

Christopher Nolan is reportedly strongly eyeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play the Riddler in the next ‘Batman’ film.  With this news, I am going to engage in some good old-fashioned tooting of my own horn. Since seeing the film ‘Brick,’ I’ve been telling everyone that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the next Brad Pitt. Many of my friends scoff at this comparison, but  the attention he garnered from ‘500 Days of Summer’ convinced me that this isn’t so far fetched after all. He is not the “character” actor that many have suggested, and getting the role in ‘Batman’ will solidify his box-office star status. When it turns out that I am right about this, brace yourself because I will surely remind you daily.