Jeffrey Katzenberg Bashes ‘Clash of the Titans’

It’s already been reported that Katzenberg was pissed off that Warner Bros. released ‘Clash of the Titans’ one week after Dreamworks released ‘How to Train Your Dragon.’  The primary reason for his anger was that ‘Titans’ would take up valuable revenue from ‘How to Train Your Dragon,’ because there are only so many 3D theaters to go around.  He was also pissed that ‘Titans’ was converted to 3D in a last minute attempt to make more money after ‘Avatar’ became a hit.  In a recent interview he said,

We’ve seen the highest end of [3-D] in “Avatar” and you have now witnessed the lowest end of it [in “Titans”]. You cannot do anything that is of a lower grade and a lower quality than what has just been done on “Clash of the Titans.” It literally is “OK, congratulations! You just snookered the movie audience.” The act of doing it was disingenuous. We may get away with it a few times but in the long run, [moviegoers] will wake up. And the day they wake up is the day they walk away from us and we blew it.

 Well there you have it.  Personally, I hate all of it.  Whether it is shot in 3D or converted in post-production, it all makes my eyes hurt so I really don’t care.

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