Titanic To Be Re-Released in 3D — Will Leonardo Fit on the Board Now?

I’m not sure I need to explain again how I think 3D is an absolute abomination. And post-production 3D is even worse. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s basically when filmmakers are too lazy or inexperienced to use the heavy-duty 3D cameras, so they instead film everything the way they know how, and then once the film is complete, they convert it to 3D. Translation? — It looks even worse (if that’s possible). And just to drive the knife deeper into my heart, Titanic will now be re-released in 3D to commemorate its 100 year anniversary. I’m sure James Cameron is crying in the fetal position upon hearing the news. Though Cameron started this 3D debacle, he took years to develop the proper cameras to shoot Avatar. Since Avatar, oodles of studio executives are feebly attempting to duplicate his success, because studio executives are greedy monsters with no artistic integrity. I’d like to close this post with one last inquiry/complaint. Will the size of that board that Leonardo DiCaprio failed to utilize at the end of Titanic look even larger in 3D? It still infuriates me that he couldn’t share it with Kate. Seriously — that board was super big. Couldn’t they spoon on it or something?

One thought on “Titanic To Be Re-Released in 3D — Will Leonardo Fit on the Board Now?”

  1.   1. Isn’t Cameron behind the re-release? He obviously stands to earn a bajillion more dollars from it.  

    2.  Something about “it is not the size of the board, but how well it floats…”  But seriously, a dense enough piece of wood won’t even be able to overcome its own weight, let alone buoy two souls.

    3.  I 1000% agree that 3D is overhyped and overplayed.  I hope it goes away (again) soon.

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