Designers Start Choosing Models Over Celebrities

A large source of celebrity income just got smaller.  WWD reports that European designers are choosing models instead of celebrities to advertise their fall-winter campaigns.  Dolce & Gabbana are pretty much the only exception, with the use of Madonna.  Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld explains the shift, saying that celebrities are overexposed in other magazines and people get tired of seeing them.  Gucci director Frida Giannini also weighed in, sayng that she uses models because celebrities are “often associated with a certain film.”  She prefers a “strong, generic face that’s not related to any world – whether that be music or Hollywood.”   This is definitely a breath of fresh air in our bloated celebrity culture.  Now if we can just get these guys to go back to the Cindy Crawford curves and stop hiring emaciated models.

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