Elizabeth Perkins is Leaving ‘Weeds’ – Say Goodbye to Celia Hodes

This news is devastating.  Elizabeth Perkins is leaving ‘Weeds’ to play James Marsden’s mother in ‘I Hop,’ a live-action CG-Animated comedy.  Good for her?  Perhaps I am biased since she is my favorite character on ‘Weeds,’ but I am not sure this is the best career move.  Television is a consistent, high-paying gig, and film roles are hard to land.  What will she do after this?  Couldn’t she do both?  I actually think the last season of the show was the best, so why jump ship now?  Maybe she’s sick of playing second fiddle to Mary Louise Parker.  Who knows. 

10 thoughts on “Elizabeth Perkins is Leaving ‘Weeds’ – Say Goodbye to Celia Hodes”

  1. That is weak. I hate her character but she plays it well. The show won't be the same without her.

  2. That is weak. I hate her character but she plays it well. The show won't be the same without her.

  3. I think what happened is the writers wrote themselves into a corner where she was concerned. I mean really, where the hell were they going with all that? She becomes a dealer using Nancy’s old team, her ex and her daughter? And then what? I just don’t get what was with the cliffhanger ending to the last season, I also don’t get why they are cutting all the original cast members (Agrestic residents) out of the show…..

    1. I think you’re right. It didn’t really make sense for her to copy Nancy’s
      life — she needed her own storyline. I’m not against eliminating the
      originals though — it’s a good way to keep the show fresh. Plus, they
      always keep Justin Kirk (Andy), and he’s really the star.

    2. but I think she running that, ‘Nancy wannabe team’ (then eventually failing) would’ve been more interesting to watch than some boring stories after her absent, maybe. I mean, It got hard for me to follow the show from somewhere between season six to seven. I think the writers gave up on too many characters in the show, possibly have much more of their time. maybe some financial problem caused it??

  4. Elizabeth Perkins is not new to the film business …she has been acting on TV and screen for several decades now.  Why wouldn’t she leave Weeds?  Ever since the Botwins left town her character didnt make much sense.  The actress will always be able to land acting roles..she is a seasoned pro.  Leaving Weeds will only open many more doors.

  5. I thought it was weird since she seemed to have a whole new story line brewing up. But maybe the writer’s dumped the idea or she was going to be killed off somehow anyway and left before it happened. Pretty weird with her just disappearing with Sanjay, Isabelle etc.

  6. She Celia made her “team” and then what? I’m on season 7 now and I don’t think they’ve gone back to celias sub story

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