Grey’s Anatomy Spoiler Alert: I Know Who Dies on the Finale

If you don’t want any idea about who dies on the season finale, stop reading this.  I wasn’t tipped off, and this is merely speculation.  I’d put money on it though.  Why?  Because Miranda Bailey’s love interest, Jason George or “Dr. Ben Warren,” has signed on for a new Shonda Rimes medical show that was just picked up.  That means he can’t do both shows, and I’m guessing Shonda Rimes will send him off in style.  It isn’t like her to let anyone leave happily, and I can’t imagine that she’ll lose more than one cast member in the finale.  Poor Miranda.  I feel bad for Miranda’s character and for Chandra Wilson herself, who finally got a juicy, original story-line, just to have it taken from her after a limited number of episodes.  Even if I’m wrong about the death, I’m certain he’ll leave the show – it’s just a matter of how.

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