‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Reveals Unexpected Romance

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ often surprises us with unexpected deaths or on-set explosions, but last night’s episode proved romance can be just as shocking. In a movie no one saw coming, Meredith got her groove back with Nathan Riggs, after a parking-lot fight turned into a steamy makeout. Alex also professed his love for Jo and re-proposed marriage, only to receive a sad rejection. Watch both clips below.

Katherine Heigl Clears Her Image On Howard Stern


I’ve been very hard on Katherine Heigl over the years, which may or may not be fair, because I’m guessing she didn’t need another blogger bashing her during that time. There’s no need to rehash what landed her on the Hollywood shit-list, but in case you’re wondering, click HERE. Though Heigl has tried to correct her cantankerous image, she’s failed to fully reform in the public eye, UNTIL NOW. Heigl visited the Howard Stern show, and the format allowed her to adequately explain herself absent sound bites. For the first time in history, I finally understand her intentions. Here’s a rundown.

In response to that infamous comment about ‘Knocked Up’ being “sexist.”

Heigl said that though she liked the film, she personally felt her character was judgmental and unlikable. That doesn’t mean she took issue with the writing, she just would not personally hangout with the uptight chick she played. She might not have ever said that out loud, but she was somewhat when a Vanity Fair interviewer asked her to respond to the idea that the film was sexist (as in, the men are cool and the women are nags). Since she’s obviously not good at navigating controversial comments, she stepped in it. And Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen have yet to forgive her.

In response to removing her name out of Emmy contention.

Heigl rose to fame on ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ but there was a slow year for her character, and when asked to sift through her material to find something worthy of submitting to the Emmys, she simply felt she didn’t have a deep enough performance to compete. Though she didn’t think anyone would notice, they did, and when asked about it, she stepped in it again. She admits to apologizing to Shonda Rhimes. She also explained that the nature of an ensemble cast is difficult, because with 7 series regulars, everyone wants their time to shine.

Is she difficult to work with?

She doesn’t think so, but she’s so concerned about her image, she’s lost her “voice,” and she’s constantly baited by interviewers to give them something juicy or “f-ck up,” as Heigl puts it. In fact, her shoes once fit too tight, and she didn’t say anything for fear of fanning the fire.

And there you have it. Let this be a lesson to anyone in hot water. If you want to clear your name, go on Howard Stern.

’12 Angry Men’ at the Pasadena Playhouse — A Full Review

(L-R) Gregory North, Adam J. Smith, Bradford Tatum, Robert Picardo, Jason George. Photo by Jim Cox.
(L-R) Gregory North, Adam J. Smith, Bradford Tatum, Robert Picardo, Jason George. Photo by Jim Cox.

For those unfamiliar with the film and television production of ’12 Angry Men,’ the legendary plot all takes place in the jury room, as each juror deliberates the fate of a young man accused of murder. While 11 of the jurors enter the room convinced of his guilt, one is not. The lone juror slowly persuades the pool to pick apart the evidence piece-by-piece, and what follows is fascinating.

Director Sheldon Epps stayed true to the original production, except for casting six black actors on the jury, including lead actor Jason George, who is known mostly for his television work (see ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Mistresses’). George’s approach to the role was less subtle and more determined than his predecessors, almost bordering on smug. It’s a near impossible task to portray subtlety on stage, especially when the lead is fighting for something with consistent conviction. I would have preferred a more understated performance, but he certainly had a steep hill to climb. As for Gregory North, he was nothing short of brilliant. He’s the antagonist to George’s character, and his unwavering insistence of the defendant’s guilt is simultaneously dogmatic and effortless.

There’s a few things of note in this production. First, it was a bold choice for Sheldon Epps to cast six black jurors, most notably Jason George as the lead. Though I applaud the monumental idea, it warrants some changes to the play that he didn’t make. For example, many of the jurors are unequivocally convinced of the young man’s guilt because of his race. Their racist stereotypes are at times boisterously expressed, a choice that seems unbelievable when surrounded by 6 other minorities. Even racists are rarely that bold about their bigotry, especially in this type of setting. If it were me, I would have kept the lines, but had one character whisper it to another, rather than yelling it in front of the others. The other option is to have the character look directly at one of the minorities when saying lines such as, “You know how those people are.” Without that change, the dialogue seems odd.

The other issue is the stage blocking and pacing. There needs to be pauses in the dialogue to build the necessary tension for which this story is known. Without that, some of the biggest reveals in the play are blurred, and the epic reaction from the audience is lost.

Despite some minor failings, this play is worth seeing. It’s a classic story that is also unfortunately timeless. The same racist ideas and sad jury failings are just as prevalent today as they were many years ago, and the story is engaging throughout.

The play runs now through December 1st. Get your tickets HERE.


Ellen Pompeo Finally Talks About Katherine Heigl Drama

greys-anatomyThere’s a fine line between trash-talking and being honest, and in an interview with The New York Post, Ellen Pompeo mastered that delicate dance. When asked about Katherine Heigl’s much-talked-about exit, Pompeo said, “When Katie left, it was tough. You could understand why she wanted to go — when you’re offered $12 million a movie and you’re only 26. But Katie’s problem is that she should not have renewed her contract. She re-upped, took a big raise and then tried to get off the show. And then her movie career did not take off.” Pompeo’s insight is especially unique, given that she’s never talked about the controversy. As for Heigl, she’s still a victim of the backlash associated with her much maligned motormouth.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Addresses Abortion — Great Episode

I have to give Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rimes a lot of credit. There are very few shows that can climb out of a writing slump so successfully. The show has been completely resurrected, and it’s better than ever. In the scene below, watch the very gifted Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd discuss abortion.

Katherine Heigl Wants to Return to Grey’s Anatomy — Shonda Rimes Laughing?

When actors become breakout stars of a television series, they inevitably want out of their contract to star in movies. Studios get angry, actors become defiant, and finally, after a predicted media meltdown, the network and studio decide they would rather have to rewrite a story-line than deal with a difficult, unhappy actor. But the actor soon discovers that the movie business brings more fame than money, because offers, no matter how big, are few and far between. Such was the case with Katherine Heigl, who kicked and screamed her way off of Grey’s Anatomy until she was finally released from her contract. And like the many actors before her (see David Caruso) — she wants back in. Shonda Rimes is probably tickled pink.

Ryan Murphy Fires Lea Michele, Cory Montieth, & Chris Colfer — Negotiating Ploy?

There’s something suspicious about Ryan Murphy’s recent announcement that he’ll be letting go of his three choice players after Season 3 of Glee. First, all three actors are up for a contract renegotiation, and everyone knows that actors on a hit-show play hard-ball on Season 3 (remember Katherine Heigl’s Grey’s Anatomy debacle?). Second, they are three major stars, and despite Murphy’s proclamation that it’s the right creative choice, there is a huge risk of axing your primary series regulars. Does he seriously think that he can get three more unknown actors to duplicate the current lightning-in-a-bottle success of the show? All signs point to no. Third, what about Mark Salling? Why did he only announce that Lea, Cory, and Chris are leaving and neglect to mention Salling? Is it because Mark is less expensive, and Murphy knows he doesn’t require the same game of hardball? And lastly, the show barely tracked the years of its students, which means Murphy could easily stick to his real-time formula and keep these cast members on for two additional years (presuming they started as freshman). Instead, Murphy insists that “everyone knows they started as sophomores.” Really Mr. Murphy? I guess “everyone” doesn’t include The Dishmaster, because I was under the impression they all started as freshman, which gives them four years on the show — not three. His assumptions are certainly financially convenient — and suspicious.

Grey’s Anatomy Musical Episode — It Didn’t Work

I just watched this much talked about Grey’s Anatomy episode, and I really wanted to like it — I promise I did. Unfortunately, it simply didn’t work. The plot surrounded Dr. Callie Torres, who was near death following a car accident. In the process of trying to save her, just about every doctor breaks into song, which is loosely justified by Callie’s hallucinations. There’s a few problems with this. First, in order to justify awkwardly singing in the middle of a hospital operation, each song must take place in Callie’s presence, otherwise it’s not a hallucination, and it’s instead just a crazy doctor that should be fired for singing on the job. Second, the song choices should have been somewhat thematic. It just doesn’t make sense to sing Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol and Breathe by Anna Nalick. It felt too random, as if they picked the songs out of a very large hat. I realize that Shonda Rimes has some very talented cast members whose voice she wanted to feature in her show. But if I were advising her, I’d tell her to take a note from Ally McBeal instead of Glee, and have the actors randomly sing at a bar after work instead. It would have made much more sense that way. Watch a clip of last Thursday’s episode below.

Peter MacNicol Rescues Grey’s Anatomy — Ally McBeal Nostalgia Ensues

I was elated to hear Peter MacNicol joined Grey’s Anatomy. He was my favorite actor on Ally McBeal, and he hasn’t had a similar role in years. In recent Grey’s Anatomy episodes, he’s played a cold-hearted doctor, but series creator Shonda Rimes delivered in last Thursday’s episode, when MacNicol showed his emotional side and asked out a nurse he has a crush on. If I knew Shonda Rimes, I’d beg her to make him a series regular instead of just a guest-star, because I fear he only has a few episodes left on his contract. The scene I’m referring to is on minute 35 of the video below. Enjoy!

Sara Ramirez Looks Hot and Curvy for Latina Magazine

I’ve made it very clear that I prefer a woman with curves.  And I think most men agree.  After all, what man wants to have sex with a woman that looks like a little boy?  Sara Ramirez represents the curvy girls on the cover of Latina Magazine, and she’s very honest about the pressure of losing weight in Hollywood.  Judging from the cover, she’s got it under control.  She also reveals a whole lot of nothing about Grey’s Anatomy, saying she contemplated leaving the show at one point because of all the “drama.”  I realize her contract puts her on a tight verbal leash, but the ambiguity is irritating.  I think we can all guess what she’s referring to, though.