Nicollette Sheridan v. Marc Cherry: More Details Revealed

Nikki Finke of Deadline, revealed more details about the dispute.  Here’s her coverage in a nutshell: Marc Cherry did in fact slap Nicollette, but only to reenact a scene in which Neal McDonough’s character was supposed to slap her, because Cherry wasn’t satisfied with how she was reacting.  As far as Teri Hatcher goes, she allegedly denied having ever badmouthed Cherry to ABC.  You can read the rest of the deets on Deadline, but here are my thoughts.  I would guess that Cherry and Sheridan did not get along while she was on the show, and as a result, he chose not to renew her contract.  Sheridan claims to have been fired in her suit for complaining about Cherry.  The thing is – she was on the show for a five full years, which is the standard length of these contracts.  Once her contract was fulfilled, it wasn’t renewed, which is different than being “fired.”  Whether Cherry was actually abusive, who knows.  I would guess we would have heard this from insiders on the set that usually leak this stuff to the press (remember when Isaiah Washington referred to T.R. Knight as a “faggot” on the Grey’s Anatomy set and the press got wind?).   

Katherine Heigl has Officially Left Grey’s Anatomy

Entertainment Weekly confirmed what has long been speculated: Katherine Heigl and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ are over.  I must say I am glad to hear it.  I was pretty sick of all the negative press surrounding the show and her contract, and perhaps now things will move in a more positive direction.  This often happens with actors that have film careers take off while they are on a successful television show.  They want out of their contracts, and the show doesn’t want to release them, because the show benefits from the actor’s film success.  Summation?  It becomes a big huge mess.  So long Izzie.  It was fun while it lasted.

Katherine Heigl is Leaving Grey’s Anatomy

Mike Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly has just announced the end of ‘Izzie Stevens’ on ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’  Since Heigl’s film career has taken off, she has long desired to escape her contract on ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’  As a result, there have been some cutting barbs in the press between Heigl and the show’s creators over the years.  Here are some of them:
Heigl took her name out of the Emmy race and, she told the press that she felt she wasn’t given the proper material by Grey’s writers to warrant an Emmy nomination
Heigl told Letterman that she had a 17 hour work day which she thought was “cruel and mean,” and the Grey’s camp responded by saying that the long work day was actually a favor to her to work around her movie schedule

Heigl complained to the press that she wasn’t given the respect she deserves during her contract renegotiation so she walked out.   

You may remember my post about why George Clooney is so respected in Hollywood.  Clooney’s film career took off while he was on ER, and instead of acting like Heigl and bashing ER to get out of his contract, he respected the show and stayed until his contract was up.  I think she should have done the same.  Time will tell as to whether she will pay the price for this.