Jesse James Sits Down With Nightline – Vicki Mabrey Seems Angry

Jesse James agreed to an interview to “set the record straight,” and unfortunately, he chose a judgmental woman to do the interview.  I realize it’s better for him to be interviewed by a female, given that a man (such as Matt Lauer) might high-five his pussy conquests mid-interview, but wouldn’t it have been better to choose someone a little less angry?  Judging from the clip, Vicki Mabrey is one step away from asking the question pervading her mind – “What the fuck is wrong with you Jesse James!?”  Thankfully, it appears that she bit her tongue before her head exploded.  Barbara Walters would have been the obvious choice, but since she’s recovering from heart surgery, I imagine he chose what he thought was the second-best option. Watch the clip below and tell me if you agree.

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