NBC Calls Conan a Liar – Suck It NBC

NBC felt the need to respond to Conan’s 60 Minutes interview by calling him a liar.  They refuted Conan’s claim that he was a cheaper buy-out than Jay Leno, and they insisted that they did in fact lose money with Conan as the host, despite Conan’s claim that it “really isn’t possible” that NBC took a financial hit.  First of all, you would have to be an idiot to believe that both Jay Leno and Conan signed a contract for the same amount of money.  Leno was at NBC for a longer period of time, and ‘The Tonight Show’ hosting gig in it of itself demands a higher paycheck.  Any assertion otherwise is ridiculous.  Second, is everyone forgetting just how much money Jay Leno’s failed 10:00pm show cost NBC?  Oh yeah – and what a horrible decision NBC made by putting him in that slot in the first place.  They sacrificed their entire prime-time line up, which will take forever to rebuild.  Instead of owning their terrible choices, they are pointing fingers at the guy that loyally worked for them for 13 years.  Have some dignity NBC.

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