Alex Ray Joel Says She Did Not Try to Kill Herself – Make Up Your Mind Already

Alexa Ray Joel is seriously annoying me lately.  Every time she talks to the press she contradicts herself.  First, she responded to the coverage of her alleged suicide attempt by saying that she was suffering from “heartbreak related depression,” and she wanted to be a spokesperson to help others.  Initially I thought, what on earth is “heartbreak related depression?”  Perhaps you are just depressed in general and the break-up is the scape goat.  After all, her father, Billy Joel, admittedly tried to kill himself in 1970 and was subsequently treated for depression.  But then I thought – okay!  If she wants to help others, I’ll drop it.  She then went and got a nose job which was clearly a betrayal of our big-nose-girls club.  But I backtracked again, reasoning that  if she needs this to feel prettier then fine.  I’ll drop it.  Now she’s saying she never even tried to kill herself in the first place?!  I realize she has it rough, because she’s either compared to her mother for her looks or compared to her father for his music, but here’s my advice: get your story straight before you start doing interviews.  The public will embrace you if you’re honest and consistent.

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