Bon Jovi Parts From Longtime Manager: Insists It’s Amicable

The New York Post reports that Bon Jovi fired his longtime manager, Jack Rovner, after Rovner’s many mistakes.  First, he promised a band meet-and-greet to the fans that paid extra for tickets, which never happened.  Second, he granted NBC exclusive access to the band, which meant they couldn’t appear on other networks to promote their new album, ‘The Circle.’  And finally, Jon wasn’t too happy with his portrayal in the Showtime documentary, ‘When We Were Beautiful’.  Jon responded to the Page Six article by denying the details, and merely said that the parting was due to simply moving in “different directions.”  I have to give Jon credit.  If you are going to fire your manager (allegedly, of course), the least you could do is release a statement that the parting was an amicable one.  No need to tarnish the guy’s name in the press.  That’s not to say that Page Six is the mecca of truth.  Actually . . . aren’t they?

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