Jason Segel Wants Out of ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Jason Segel joins the long line of actors that like to bite the hand that feeds them.  In an interview with GQ, Segel (best known as that guy with the big schlong from ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’) expressed his frustration with being tied to ‘How I Met Your Mother’ for eight seasons, saying that “playing one character for eight years isn’t what [he’s] trying to do.”  He also said that the cheesy writing doesn’t help.  I’m not sure why television actors have such disdain for the projects that make them famous.  Furthermore, actors don’t sign eight year contracts when they join a show.  That means that Segel re-signed his contract at some point in the game, and though he might regret it, he has only himself to blame.  But shouldn’t he be happy that he has a consistent, high-paying gig?  Wait till the offers dry up.

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