MTV’s ‘Real World: New Orleans’ Trailer – WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK (video)

MTV released the new trailer for ‘The Real World: New Orleans,’ and, true to form, it looks like a giant piece of shit (yes mom, I used the word shit). What do you think the conversation over at MTV entails when they pick their cast. Here’s my guess: “Gee, I like that girl because she’s an alcoholic. Oh yeah – and that guy because he has no personality but he likes to punch other dudes in the face.” If the douches over at MTV read this, just know that it takes many years to lose me as a fan. I officially stopped watching last season, and I’m boycotting this season based on the trailer alone. Start thinking of ways to win me back (such as firing your casting directors, for example).

Real World XXIV: New Orleans – MTV Shows

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