Halle Berry Launches Fragrance – And One of the Strangest Ads Ever

So both Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez are launching fragrances, and in the side-by-side photo advertisement comparison, I couldn’t help but notice just how terrible Halle Berry’s ad is.  My problem is not that she shaded her face.  It’s that she shaded her face while revealing her nose, which makes her look like some strange man in the darkness with a gigantic honker (and no – I am not sensitive to this because of my humongous schnoz so back off).  I’d also like to point out that she should take Jennifer Lopez’s lead and reveal her face in its entirety.  Lopez clearly knows what she’s doing, as she’s launched 16 perfumes which have collectively grossed over $1 billion dollars.  If you are going to use your celebrity to sell your own product, then use your celebrity!  Don’t cover it up!  See the picture by clicking on the link below.

Halle Berry’s Fragrance Ad

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