Project Runway Extends to 90 Minutes – – – Seriously?

Movieline reports that ‘Project Runway’ will extend its episode time to 90 minutes, and I can’t fathom how this is possible, given that they can barely fill the 60 minutes with original content.  Personally, I’ve been a loyal fan of the show all along, but the last few seasons have gone seriously downhill.  My biggest complaint surrounds the creatively devoid challenges, which used to produce the greatness that was Austin Scarlett’s corn dress from Season 1.  Now, they lazily get any celebrity they can find and say, “designers, you’re challenge is to dress this star!” [Insert contrived yelps here].  My eyes almost rolled out of my head when they had to dress Heidi Klum.  I’m aware that she is a famous supermodel, but how much brain power went into that production decision?  “Gee, let’s walk five steps over to Heidi and ask her if she’s up for this.”  Or what about the many visits to Michael Kors showroom?  He’s a judge on the show, for goodness sakes!  His contract can’t possibly have that much self-promotion built into it.  My final complaint involves the best reality star in television history – Tim Gunn.  Tim Gunn is the number one draw of the show, and the editors severely chop up his one-on-one conversations with the designers.  The extended critique can be seen online later, but when you put your best content online instead of on television, you have a problem.  As Tim Gunn would say, this decision “worries me.”

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