Underrated Actor of the Week: Eion Bailey

I found myself watching the rather enjoyable train wreck that was ‘Center Stage,’ and I thought: “wow, that guy who plays ‘Jim Gordon’ is the only decent actor in this film” – which led to this week’s choice.  So I researched further, and I discovered that Eion Bailey actually has a serious line of credits to his name.  His most acclaimed role was that of ‘Pvt. Kenyon Webster’ in HBO’s ‘Band of Brothers.’  (I suppose that beats the ballet film.)  Bailey won a daytime Emmy for the television movie, ‘Life of the Party,’ and he can be seen next in the upcoming USA series, ‘Covert Affairs.’  Since I’m rather superficial, I’d also like to note that the fact that Bailey is extremely good-looking certainly helped with my selection.  Don’t get too excited though ladies – he’s married.

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