Aaron Sorkin Will Direct John Edwards Biopic — YAWN

Am I the only person on the planet that is  no longer interested in John Edwards’ life?  The great Aaron Sorkin will direct a movie based on Edwards life, and I’m not sure I care.  At the time the Enquirer exposed Edwards’ affair I was certainly enthralled.  I remember thinking that there was something awry with his character while he was running for President, but I could not pinpoint it.  So when the tabloids exposed his insane affair, I was on the edge of my seat.  Not just because I wanted confirmation that I was right, but because I wanted to know whether the Enquirer was credible.  So now we know, and I’m officially over it.  What more is there to know other than that he’s a complete scumbag with bad taste in mistresses.  Perhaps the movie is about why men cheat on their wives with unattractive women?  Now that’s a question I want an answer to.

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