Pink is not a Trapeze Artist — Who Knew?

Pink was injured during her concert, when she fell through a barricade while suspended in the air. She was rushed to the hospital, and subsequently let her fans know that she’s okay. I know that Pink prides herself on doing her own stunts and never lip-syncing, but enough is enough. She is not a trapeze artist, and I’m sure she could put on just as good of a show with professionals doing the dirty work. I also think that she has taken this anti-Britney stance way too far. I’ve seen her perform, and she is so exhausted, that she can be heard panting into the microphone at times, while she is trying to catch her breath. Would it kill her to lip-sync even part of the concert if she’s upside down for most of it? I seriously don’t mind, nor do I think it would sacrifice her creative integrity to do so.

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