ABC News Explains that the N-Word is Offensive

So the big news of the day is that Mel Gibson is a racist.  Didn’t we already know this?  I guess we knew he hates Jews, but now we know he hates black people too.  Anyways, Radar Online broke the story, and ABC recycled it (as most news outlets do – including myself), but I found their coverage particularly entertaining.  They repeated the exact quote Gibson used, and then explained that the N-Word is “deeply insulting to African Americans.”  Really ABC? – I had no idea.  They followed this with an irrelevant explanation about how Radar Online is not TMZ.  Huh?  I might send this article to Steve Jobs, who recently said that he hopes the iPad will save the news industry, as he doesn’t want to see us “descend into a nation of bloggers.”  Perhaps he’ll change his mind.  Read the article below.

ABC News States the Obvious

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