Did Robert Downey Jr. Hate ‘Iron Man 2’?

A friend of mine who knows about my unhealthy obsession with Robert Downey Jr., recently sent me an old interview of his with Men’s Journal.  I noticed something very interesting hidden between the lines.  He talked about the torture of working on a film you don’t believe in, saying “you have to be collarbone-deep in molasses for four months and just go, ‘I have no solace in my work whatsoever, and it’s 12 hours a day of cosmic punishment.’”  When the interviewer asked which film it was, Downey wouldn’t answer, but confirmed it was recent.  After eliminating ‘Shaggy Dog’ from the possibilities (which he said was a “very important” movie for him), only ‘Iron Man 2’ is left.  Upon suggesting it, Downey’s silent.  The reason I find this so intriguing, is because I thought ‘Iron Man 2’ was a giant tub of lard, and I wondered at the time whether Downey thought the same.  It looked like it was thrown together at the last minute, so that the studio could just cash in.  Judging by his Men’s Journal interview, I think I have my answer.

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