The Bachelor Special: Vienna Wins the Night

I watched the Bachelor special last night, and it was just as good as promised.  I’m now more convinced than ever that the show is real, and that Jake and Vienna were actually in a relationship.  Why?  Because nothing says relationship like an “undermined” man and an “emotionally abused” woman.  I expected a lot of bickering, but I did not expect to side so strongly with Vienna.  Chris Harrison, being the terrible host and she-hater that he is, completely glossed some revealing gems about what a douche Jake is.  For example, he flew Vienna’s dog in from Florida, only to fly the dog back because he wasn’t properly potty trained.  If my boyfriend chucked my dog, I’d chuck my boyfriend.  Jake also yelled at Vienna numerous times for “interrupting” him, presumably because he can’t engage in a conversation, and instead prefers to wax on in monologue form.  He also revealed that he never slept with Vienna past month one of their relationship, because what man would want to sleep with a woman that treats him the way she does?  Um – I hate to break the news to Jake, but I think any man on the planet would want to sleep with a woman under any circumstances.  Nice try, though.  By the way, have we all forgotten that Jake is the same guy that cried over a balcony on Jillian Harris’ season of ‘The Bachelorette’?  We should have known then.  If you want to watch the special, I’ve attached it below.  Feel free to scroll through it at your fancy.  Also, click the link to read another great article summing up last night’s episode.

Reality Blurred: Jake & Vienna

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