Iron Man 2 Finishes Behind Iron Man – The People Have Spoken

Nothing pleases me more than when a bad movie gets its due. Though I love me some Robert Downey Jr., I’m glad to see that the film took a financial hit for being such low quality. There is a painful lesson to be learned from this though; don’t get greedy. ‘Iron Man 2’ was created too soon after the original, possibly as a desperate attempt to cash-in. Christopher Nolan waited a full three years to make ‘The Dark Knight’ after ‘Batman Begins,’ and his patience paid-off. Unlike Nolan, Jon Favreau’s ‘Iron Man’ sequel had a much quicker turn-around, perhaps because he was pressured by the studio to get it out quickly. To be fair, ‘Iron Man 2’ will make about $308 million domestically, which sounds pretty good. But grossing less than the original is a bad sign. Favreau will hopefully make some changes for the third installment.

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