Brian Austin Green Joins ‘Housewives’ — Bloggers Back-Off!

I was thrilled to read on Deadline that Brian Austin Green joined ‘Desperate Housewives,’ and I just assumed that everyone would share in my excitement.  After all, didn’t we all grow up in the 90210 generation?  Apparently not.  I was aghast to discover the venomous outrage for Green in the comments section of Deadline, on top of the insistence that ‘Housewives’ has jumped-the-shark.  I then decided to write an extremely witty post on Deadline, in which I excessively used the word “haters,” and accused the anti-Green mafia of not watching the show, because if they did, they would surely know that it has not in fact jumped-the-shark.  I need not tell you what happened next.  The Deadline loyalists accosted me, and I quickly retreated to the sanctity of my own website.  Since I am confident that my readers are of the 90210 generation, I am sure that I won’t receive the same negative backlash.  Who doesn’t like David Silver?

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