Britney Spears is a Genius — Yeah, You Heard Me

I often argue with a very pompous guy I know about whether Britney Spears has actual talent.  When I tell him that other pop-tarts didn’t catapult to stardom the way Spears did (which has to count for something), he insists that it’s because those other stars were simply viewed as copy-cats, and had they been the first horse out of the gate, Spears would be the one struggling.  So I am dedicating this post to that take-the-stick-out-of-your-ass guy, so he can read it and learn a thing or two.  The first reason Spears is a genius, is because her career launching music video, ‘. . . Baby One More Time,’ was entirely her idea.  The director originally wanted it to be in cartoon-form, and Britney protested, suggesting that shooting in a school would have greater appeal to her fan base.  She also came up with the legendary naughty-school-girl outfits, after she disliked the director’s “dorky” costume choices.  Furthermore, she crafted the videos for both ‘Toxic’ and ‘Womanizer.’  The final evidence of Britney’s business savvy, is that she knows her limitations.  Many performers in the industry gain their initial success by singing songs written by others.  When they make a little dough, they start to get arrogant and insist on writing their own terrible music (Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Kelly Clarkson, etc . . . ).  Britney; however, chooses to stick with her strengths, and churns out great performances, while singing songs written by the best songwriters in the industry.  I’d also like to note her well-crafted career resurrection after her personal troubles.  Yes, she has great management (Larry Rudolph).  But many artists have great management, and still could not pull-off such a drastic turn-around.  And lastly –Go Britney!

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