GLAAD Attacks the View in Variety

All this time I thought that the ladies of ‘The View’ were actual scientists.  I’m so disappointed to learn that they got their facts wrong.  GLAAD is pissed at ‘The View’ and they took out an ad in Variety Magazine to demand an apology.  The controversy surrounds a ‘hot-topic,’ where the ladies claimed that the black community has a statistically higher rate of AIDS than the white community, because so many black men are gay and in the closet (“on the down-low”), and continue to have unprotected sex with women.  According to GLAAD, the Center for Disease Control has debunked this “myth,” and they want an apology so that the rumor goes no further.  Plus –and here comes the funny part — “when ‘The View’ talks about these kinds of issues, people listen”  Watch the discussion-in-question below.

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