Kendall Jenner in a Bikini — Welcome to the Dark Side

Kendall Jenner has joined her Kardashian sisters in their most coveted activity — posing near naked in a bikini. Yes, she’s beautiful. But she’s only 14 years old, and there’s something about seeing a 14 year old in bikini with a come-fuck-me-face that makes me feel like a pervert. Again, I’m sure I am just a virginal prick, but have we all forgotten the outrage when Britney Spears posed on the cover of Rolling Stone at the age of 15? At the time, I think her parents were accused of being pimps or something. So have we come a long way from our Puritan beginnings, or are we just desensitized debauchees? To see the photo spread (pun intended), click the link below.

Kendall Jenner — The Lost Innocence

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