My Pick of American Idol Judges

There has been a lot of talk about the next American Idol judges, and most of the suggestions so far seem almost as ridiculous as the current judging panel.  So here’s my choice for the new panel — Tommy Mottola, Katy Perry, and Harry Connick Jr.  I chose Katy Perry because she has the credentials, and she’s very pretty eye-candy.  When she appeared on the show as a guest judge, she was not afraid to speak her mind (speak, not slur), and she often looked like she wanted to kill Kara DioGuardi (which made me very happy).  Harry Connick Jr. is my next choice, because he proved himself while serving as a mentor on the show.  Unlike other mentors, he didn’t wear sunglasses while offering boring platitudes such as, “feel the music” (hear that Usher?).  He also seemed to have a music vocabulary beyond the word “pitchy.”  Lastly, I chose Tommy Mottola because he’s like the Wizard.  His resume speaks for itself, but he would also bring the controversy.  Can you imagine how many interviewers would ask Mariah Carey if she tunes into American Idol to watch Mottola?  So there you have it.  Everyone should take The Dishmaster’s suggeestion, and stop throwing around ridiculous names.

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