Christina Aguilera’s ‘Bionic’ — What Went Wrong

Christina’s Aguillera’s comeback album, Bionic, tanked in record sales, and the folks over at RCA think it has something to do with her not-so-relatable image.  I would agree.  Since entering the industry, Aguilera has always suffered from a major identity crisis.  She started as a pop-tart-replica of Britney Spears, and then bashed the comparisons.  After she got some footing in the industry, she went the complete opposite route, and released a very “dirty” album, which involved Aguilera’s near naked performances in chaps and mud (and a very entertaining Sarah Michelle Gellar SNL skit making fun of her).  On that same album, she also had ballads which showed her vocal prowess but confused listeners.  Is she supposed to be a trash-tastic Celine Dion?  — I wondered at the time.  She then cleaned off her image a bit, and started to insanely over-sing, to the point where she obliterated the melody of every single song.  She had something to prove, and in the process, I became incredibly bored with the indulgent need to show-off.  Now, years later, she changed course again.  The Bionic album is the polar opposite of over-singing.  It has a fun, dance vibe, and it’s nice to listen to in the shower.  So why did it tank?  Is it because other people enjoy the over-signing, and I am the minority?  Is it because I’m wrong and the album is bad?  Personally, I think it tanked because no one has any idea who Christina Aguilera is anymore, and we are all exhausted.  Her identity crisis is responsible for the comparisons to other artists (such as Lady Gaga) — a comparison that she deplores.  So here’s my advice — get with some people that can help tailor your image, don’t over-sing, and don’t release angry statements to the press about how you hate being compared to Lady Gaga.

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