Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Kathy Griffin: “She’s Scum”

The ladies of The View discussed Kathy Griffin’s joke about Scott Brown’s daughters being prostitutes and, true to form, Elizabeth Hasselbeck got her panties in a twist. Aside from the obvious points about how Hasselbeck has no sense of humor, she needs to be more professional. The ladies are supposed to be discussing “hot topics,” not “make-your-head-explode” topics. Hasselbeck’s hatred for Griffin is so intense that she’s practically yelling across the table. If you cannot be an adult, and remain calm while talking about things that bother you, get off the panel. Additionally, in response to the argument in question, Scott Brown invited that joke when he told the press his daughters are single (in his own feeble attempt at a joke). Furthermore, this whole “my children are off-limits” nonsense, refers to direct criticism, such as jabs at Chelsea Clinton’s appearance, or questioning Bristol Palin’s morals. This joke in no way directly attacked them. Oh yeah — did I mention that Hasselbeck needs to lighten up?

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