Jennifer Aniston is Naked — Gee, What a Shocker

Jennifer Aniston released new ads for her Lolavie fragrance and you guessed it — she’s naked! Must Jennifer Aniston remind the world that she has a great body every chance she gets?  It reeks of desperation, it’s unnecessary, and it affirms my other posts about how women in the industry feel the need to overtly sexualize themselves to stay relevant.  Just about every magazine cover I see with an actress these days involves nudity, and Jennifer Aniston is the biggest culprit. Remember her GQ cover where she was wearing just a tie?  Apparently, the idea for the shoot was spontaneous. Aniston showed up ready to be fully dressed for the cover, and somehow all her clothes came off.  Wow, I wonder whose idea that was.  Did Meryl Streep ever do this in her hotness prime?  Did she show up to shoot a magazine cover and say, “you know what would be really great?  Let’s take all my clothes off and just give me suspenders to cover my nipples.”

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