Marion Cotillard is Naked for Interview Magazine — Scandalous

Nicole Kidman interviewed Marion Cotillard for Interview Magazine, and not surprisingly, Cotillard took her clothes off. While the pictures are beautiful, I am certainly at a loss as to why it was necessary for her to get naked. Isn’t she a serious actress? After all, she won an Oscar. So is there some role I don’t know about, which involves nudity and a come-fuck-me face? Did the photographer just run out of ideas? If I was friends with Ms. Cotillard, I might try and end the mystery of why every actress ends up naked in interviews. Is it the woman’s idea, or is there a skeevy male photographer that suggests how “artistic” it is. Anyways, though I like Interview Magazine, the Kidman/Cotillard interview is less of a question and answer session, and more of Kidman telling Cotallard how “otherworldly” and “hypnotic” she is. Is this an interview, or a celebrity ass-kissing session? Perhaps I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.  To see the pictures in question, click here.

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