Underrated Actor of the Week: Robert Parks-Valletta

I’ve chosen this week’s underrated actor of the week based solely on looks.  Why?  Because I’m generally superficial, and I figured that it’s boring to base my choice on acting alone.  I discovered Valletta and his very nifty hat while scrolling through fashion pictures.  After looking him up, I saw that his work mainly involves soaps.  He briefly appeared on Days Of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless.  I know nothing about his personal life, because he doesn’t have a profile on wikipedia or a biography on imdb.  If I were managing him, I’d probably tell him to get on that, because not everyone is as superficial as The Dishmaster, and others might require more than just a pretty face.

7 thoughts on “Underrated Actor of the Week: Robert Parks-Valletta”

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  2. I got hooked on Rob a couple years ago while he was doing Young and the Restless.  Dishmaster, yes i am just as superficial as you and all i can say is he is one of the most attractive guys i have seen in while.  HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  3. yes, nude photos, caught with his pants down, ha, that’s the least of this dorks worries..they’re full nude, having sex, giving head, multiple shot of this douche doing his thing..and i see he has a manager, better luck buddy on picking this guy to represent he’s a washed up actor with a career as a practical extra…what an assperation  

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