Mel Gibson is Done — Put a Fork in Him

I notice that just about every news outlet in America is asking the same question — is Mel Gibson’s career over?  Gosh, that is so thought provoking.  I think we can all safely say the guy is done.  He was done after ‘Passion of the Christ,’ and the Malibu rant sealed the deal.  It’s certainly unfortunate that so many great movies in my Netflix queue have to be removed, because it just is not the same to watch a movie knowing that the heroic main character is so personally tortured.  Dammit Mel!  How am I going to watch ‘What Women Want’ again?  Anyways, in honor of asking-obvious-questions day,  I have attached some personal favorites.  Enjoy!

  • Has Mel Gibson become a pariah in Hollywood? Or just for the time being?  Los Angeles Times
  • Can Mel Gibson’s career survive the latest ugliness?  CBS News
  • How Much more PR damage can one career take and still survive?  Entertainment Weekly
  • Can Mel Gibson salvage his career?  USA Today
  • Mel Gibson’s career comeback appears unlikely New York Daily News
  • Can Mel Gibson’s career survive this scandal?  Extra TV
  • Mel Gibson’s rant may sink his career.  Associated Content
  • The death of Mel Gibson’s career has been greatly exaggerated.  Reuters
  • It would seem like the career of the erstwhile Mad Max is toast . . . Or is it?  Popeater

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