Best Television Show Theme Songs

I was watching re-runs of Mary Tyler Moore, and it made me realize that they just don’t make television theme songs the way they used to.  In fact, most shows today forgo a theme song altogether.  As a tribute to the good-old-days of television, I’m posting the best theme songs of all time.  Prepare yourself for a nostalgia overload.

Growing Pains — Steve Dorff & John Bettis — “As Long as We Got Each Other”

Cheers — Gary Portnoy & Judy Hart Angelo — “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”

The Golden Girls — Written by Andrew Gold, Covered by Cindy Fee — “Thank You For Being a Friend”

Welcome Back Kotter — John Sebastian

The Wonder Years — Joe Cocker Cover of Beatles Song — “With a Little Help From My Friends”

Laverne & Shirley — Norman Gimbel & Charles Fox — “Making Our Dreams Come True”

Mr. Ed — Jay Livingston & Ray Evans

Fresh Prince of Bel Air — Will Smith and Quincy Jones III

Charles in Charge — David Kurtz, Michael Jacobs, Al Burton & performed by Shandi Sinnamon

The Jeffersons
— Ja’net Du Bois & Jeff Barry — “Movin’ On Up”

Punky Brewster
— Gary Portnoy & Judy Hart Angelo — “Every Time I Turn Around”

Mary Tyler Moore — Paul Williams — “Love is All Around”

For more that I did not cover, go to Paste Magazine

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  1. i love this post, all those great songs bring back so many memories! did you forget charles in charge !

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